Pressed Leaves (2018)
Written and Directed by Sam Beckham, Produced by Kelly Buckman, Shot by J.P. Agurcia and Sam Tate
Pressed Leaves (2018) follows Syla, a college student, in the aftermath of an unspecified trauma. Pressed Leaves has been nominated for two awards at the Global Impact Film Festival, including Best Student Narrative and Best Lead Edit.
Sclera (2018)
Produced by Anna Thornton, Directed by Kelly Buckman, Shot by Sam Beckham
Sclera (2018) tells the story of a young girl struggling to maintain her sanity in the midst of a mysterious and increasingly puzzling eye injury. At this time, only the trailer for this short film is available publicly.
Church (2018)
A group project for a production class, this short film utilizes several random elements drawn from a hat which were then woven into the narrative Church.
Sam Beckham, Kelly Buckman, J.P. Agurcia, Nicole Klein